Iron Cupcake Milwaukee Photos!

It was a blast! I never heard back from my friends who said they were going to go, but it was still fun by myself. I bought 12 tickets so that I could bring a full egg carton back for Jeremy and I to share.


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Iron Cupcake Milwaukee

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but school’s eating up most of my time.

However, a friend and I are going to an event called Iron Cupcake Milwaukee today, so expect fun stories and lots of pictures!

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Banana Cookies

I tried a new recipe today. Banana cookies. Yup. Jeremy bought bananas yesterday, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into cookies.

And these are delicious. They’re soft and chewy and have just the right amount of banana taste to them. The glaze gave me some trouble; it kept hardening so quickly that I couldn’t actually drizzle it, and then it turned into a powder and wouldn’t melt. I ended up just adding a splash of milk, a little more cinnamon, and a whole bunch of powdered sugar until it got to the proper consistency.

And ta da! Drizzled it off a spoon and let it harden and they’re beautiful. I brought a plate over to the neighbors (who I always share baked goods with) and might bring a couple to share with people tomorrow, the first day of classes. Oh boy.

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Planning Snacks for Class

Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester. And while the school won’t let me actually sign up for classes yet because they lost my paperwork and everything got delayed, I’ve planned out the schedule I want and am just going to go to class until I can sign up.

But my Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be rough. Ballet at 8 in the morning, followed immediately by modern dance at 9:30. Just a 15-minute break between the two, and on Tuesdays I’ll have to rush to a meteorology lab at 11. Yeah, this semester’s going to have a lot of rushing around.

Meaning that I’ll need some good snacks. I’m already planning on making a big batch of trail mix, which I love, and packaging it into snack-sized baggies. Granola, granola bars, mixed nuts, etc. will probably be staples in my dance bag. But those are going to get boring eventually.

So do you guys have any good quick snacks? Recipes for granola? Please share!

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Blogging From The Phone?

That’s right; I’m on my phone right now. Came across mention of mobile WordPress-ing and figured I’d give it a try.

While it may not be practical for my “in the kitchen with my camera” posts, it’ll be nice to have ready for meals out. I’m allowed to show off other people’s food, right?

Hope this works!

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Peanut Butter Cookies With Michelle

My friend Michelle came over today to hang out, since she’s back in the city for school. Last time we got together, we made peanut butter bars, and we decided to make peanut butter kisses sometime in the future.

Well, readers, today was the future!

But we didn’t have Kisses. Or Hugs. Just chocolate chips. We made due. By making tiny, tiny peanut butter cookies. They were adorable.

See for yourself!

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Fail Muffins

Yesterday morning, I wanted to surprise Jeremy with some chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Well, more like lunch since he slept in.

Anyways, they didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped. The chocolate chips all sunk to the bottom, the muffins never seemed really done, and they tasted quite eggy. In fact, Jeremy, being the Jewish boy he is (culturally, not religiously), commented that they tasted like matzah. Hm.

Guess I’ll be sticking to muffin mixes for now.

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