Banana Cookies

I tried a new recipe today. Banana cookies. Yup. Jeremy bought bananas yesterday, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into cookies.

And these are delicious. They’re soft and chewy and have just the right amount of banana taste to them. The glaze gave me some trouble; it kept hardening so quickly that I couldn’t actually drizzle it, and then it turned into a powder and wouldn’t melt. I ended up just adding a splash of milk, a little more cinnamon, and a whole bunch of powdered sugar until it got to the proper consistency.

And ta da! Drizzled it off a spoon and let it harden and they’re beautiful. I brought a plate over to the neighbors (who I always share baked goods with) and might bring a couple to share with people tomorrow, the first day of classes. Oh boy.

About redvelvetdreams

I'm just your average college student in Milwaukee. I study dance, speak Russian, do photography, and read constantly. I also love cooking for other people, especially baked goods.
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