Planning Snacks for Class

Tomorrow is the first day of the new semester. And while the school won’t let me actually sign up for classes yet because they lost my paperwork and everything got delayed, I’ve planned out the schedule I want and am just going to go to class until I can sign up.

But my Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be rough. Ballet at 8 in the morning, followed immediately by modern dance at 9:30. Just a 15-minute break between the two, and on Tuesdays I’ll have to rush to a meteorology lab at 11. Yeah, this semester’s going to have a lot of rushing around.

Meaning that I’ll need some good snacks. I’m already planning on making a big batch of trail mix, which I love, and packaging it into snack-sized baggies. Granola, granola bars, mixed nuts, etc. will probably be staples in my dance bag. But those are going to get boring eventually.

So do you guys have any good quick snacks? Recipes for granola? Please share!

About redvelvetdreams

I'm just your average college student in Milwaukee. I study dance, speak Russian, do photography, and read constantly. I also love cooking for other people, especially baked goods.
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