Potato Corn Chowder

Tonight, I made my mom’s delicious potato corn chowder for supper. I grew up with it, and my mom would make a giant stew pot full of it. We’d eat big bowls of it with cheese and store the rest in Tupperware and eat it for the next three days.

Here’s the recipe, straight from my mom:

3 -4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces (if you use yukon gold, you wouldn’t even need to peel them)
1 can whole kernel corn
1 (or two) cans creamed corn
1 can evaporated milk
seasonings to taste

Boil the potatoes until tender, drain all but about 1/4 of the potato water (this helps to thicken the soup up). Add the cans of corn (only add 1 can of creamed corn first to see how it is) and evaporated milk. Heat thoroughly. While it’s heating you can see if you want to add another can of creamed corn.

Then season to taste! And best of all, you can add more or less potatoes, more or less corn, etc. all to make it just how you like it!

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Brown Sugar Fudge

I just tried to make some brown sugar fudge. I halved the recipe because I don’t have a lot of brown sugar left, and I don’t have an 8×8 pan.

I heated the brown sugar and milk mixture for probably a good 25 minutes. It was bubbling a lot and I got a bit nervous, but eventually it thicken a bit. It hardened very, very quickly once I lifted the pot off the burner. I poured it into a greased loaf pan, where it hardened right away. Now it’s cooling on a plate, thin and crumbly-looking, in the fridge.

It may not have turned out as fudge at all, but it’s sweet and delicious.

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Last Night’s Dinner

Last night was a successful night in the Red Velvet Dreams kitchen. Having almost no food in our apartment, Jeremy and I have been forced to get a bit creative. And we had a couple pounds of potatoes left over from Christmas, so I decided to try cheesy scalloped potatoes in the crock pot.

They turned out alright, but nothing amazing. Jeremy added Frank’s Red Hot sauce and minced garlic to his, which he said made it a lot better.

Afterwards, I got bored again and found a recipe for donuts using Bisquick. Having some left over from making pancakes, I leapt at the chance to make more sweets. The recipe was really simple, and the donut holes turned out nicely, though a bit crisp.

Notes for next time: make the balls of dough smaller because they expand more than you think; take them out of the fryer sooner to make the outsides less crisp.

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Cheesy Potatoes

I’ve got cheesy scalloped potatoes in my crock pot right now. We’ll see how they turn out in a few hours.

Also, I only cut myself once, and just a tiny bit on my finger. Stupid knives. That’s why I hate sharp things. BandAid: on.

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“Suggested Donation: Cookies”

Last night and tonight was Here Comes Trouble, a dance show in its second year at the studio I have a work-study at. It was put on by a girl I know named Sarah, and was totally by donation.

I, however, am broke. Broke broke. So I contacted Sarah and asked if I could bring cookies instead, since I didn’t want to look stingy by not donating. And, since I’m the girl known for bringing cookies to the studio, she said yes.

I had the bacon cookies from last night in a bag with a piece of bread all day because they turned out really crispy, so they were softer when I packaged them up for the girls at the studio. I also made another batch of peanut butter cookies and included most of them as well.

And the show was incredible. I helped clean up afterwards, and at one point I noticed a girl taking a bite of one of the bacon cookies. I was just about to ask her what she thought of it when she stopped and said, “Is there bacon in this?” Yeah, even though Jeremy thinks they’re missing “something,” the bacon cookies are a hit, even if part of it is just the novelty of it.

Anyway, the next show, Sarah said, is going to be “Suggested donation: cookies” rather than “$10.”

Also, I’m working on little tags to include with the baked goods I give away (and hopefully eventually sell). I slipped one into the bag of cookies I brought tonight, and it definitely caught attention. I’m hoping to get my friend Christa’s help with designing a better one, since she’s a font and whatnot master, but here’s what I’m using for now:

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Bacon Maple Cookies

Jeremy and I had breakfast for dinner (pancakes, eggs, bacon) and it was delicious. And I made sure we collected the bacon drippings to try out this recipe for bacon maple cookies. I don’t eat bacon, but it’s a popular topic among my friends, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to make bacon sweets.

He hasn’t tried them yet, but I’m hoping they’re good. Also, there’s no in-progress shots, but I took a couple pictures of the finished cookies with my phone.

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Baking cookies in a car « Baking Bites

Baking cookies in a car « Baking Bites.

An interesting blog post on baking cookies in a car in the summer.

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